What is Overseeding and how will it benefit my Lawn?

Benefits of over-seeding your lawn

  • Injecting new, more suitable grass into your lawn will thicken it
  • It will give it a more even colour all over
  • Improve the wear, and tolerance to shade and drought by increasing the variety of grass

If you have had a severe moss problem and there are large bare areas on your Lawn you may need to overseed. The best defence against weeds and moss is a thick and healthy grass sward. New seed should be regularly sown into all lawns to replace the ageing plants. If you want your lawn to stay thick and dense, then it is recommended to overseeding at least once every 3 years.

Over seeding with a variety of different seed species can be carried out in the late winter, early Spring or Autumn, particularly after you have Scarified, Aerated or Top Dressed your lawn.

Avoid sowing in extremes of temperature, seed requires a ground temperature above 8°C to germinate, and shoots need several weeks without frost to survive.

Seed requires 3 conditions; good soil contact, moisture and warmth. The Spring and Autumn are ideal germination times. Hot dry weather is just as bad as cold wet weather. Wet and warm are the best conditions for seed germination and grass growth.

LawnPro uses Overseeding as part of our Lawn Renovation Service as well as after our Scarification, Top Dressing and Aeration Services.

We can supply a high quality seed for the correct time of year and apply at the correct rate. If your lawn is suffering due to overhanging trees or perhaps heavy footfall for example, we will source the correct seed to help remedy the situation, such as seeds suited to shady areas or a tough hard wearing seed that is more resilient to heavy use.

The LawnPro Overseeding Service is affordable and highly efficient, so why not take advantage of our FREE lawn analysis and contact us now on 01785 859355 or 07984 492182 or use our Contact Form.