Mowing your Lawn



Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking great and most importantly encourages vigorous, quality growth that will keep weeds and moss to a minimum.

Cut twice per week in summer and once a week at other times when grass is growing.

cut only the top of the grass

Key Points

Do NOT cut grass too short as this will encourage moss growth and other problems such as worm activity.

Ideally around 2.5cm in summer and approx 3cm in spring autumn and times of drought.

mowing directions

Mowing directions

Try to mow in dry conditions, avoid mowing in strong winds as this can scorch the grass tips and avoid walking on a frosty lawn.

Mow in different directions each time you mow as this will help to prevent dips in the surface.

grass clippings

Avoid leaving grass clippings

Avoid leaving the grass clippings on the lawn as this can easily spread weeds and tend to leave the grass spongy increasing the chances of issues like lawn diseases and worm activity.

However, with a weed free lawn and dry weather It can sometimes help the lawn to retain moisture.

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