Moss - How LawnPro can help to control it.

Moss Control

Moss is probably the most prevalent lawn care issue and can occupy almost any lawn. Our moss control service is affordable & highly effective. Treatments from just £15.

  • We’ve successfully killed & controlled moss in hundreds of lawns
  • Moss shows signs of dying within hours of treatment
  • Killing the moss makes removal easier & more complete
  • We can help prevent against future moss growth

Moss is very common in neglected lawns where the grass has been allowed to become thin and weak due to neglect or poor maintenance. Moss doesn't have roots so it obtains its nutrients from the moisture that sits on the soil. This means that moss removal treatments need to target the conditions as well as the growth. This is something that standard moss killers won't do effectively so your moss will keep returning.

Mild damp autumns and winters are ideal for moss growth, due to the lack of grass growth and poor light at this time of year. Moss will thrive and quickly develops where grass is weak. Whilst weeds are easy to control, moss is slightly more difficult and requires regular attention. Strong healthy grass receiving regular applications of lawn care will resist moss better than undernourished lawns.

It is important to tackle the reasons why moss grows in your lawn in order to reduce the chances of it re appearing.

Lack of surface drainage, compacted soil, lawns thick with thatch, shady poor ventilated lawns, poorly fertilised lawns with weak and sparse grass are the most common reasons for moss growth in your lawn.

Once it has been treated the dead moss plant does not decay easily as it is fibrous and tough, and it may be necessary to remove the dead plant by scarifying your lawn followed by aeration, top dressing and overseeding. If left on your lawn dead moss will act like thatch and prevent new grass from growing in those areas.

Treatment is simple and straight forward for LawnPro. We successfully control moss in hundreds of lawns using our efficient moss control products. Please remember that the products we use are not easily available to the public or general gardeners. Moss control with LawnPro is simple and effective with the moss showing signs of dying just hours after treatment.

Be careful if you use moss control products bought from garden centres etc. Incorrect application or adverse weather conditions can lead to scorching your lawn and creating bare patches of dead or damaged grass.

The LawnPro Moss Control Service is affordable and highly effective, so why not take advantage of our FREE lawn analysis and contact us now on 01785 859355 or 07984 492182 or use our Contact Form.