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spring lawn treatments


After the distress that Winter imposes on our lawns, Spring becomes a key season in caring for them, helping to ensure a healthy lawn all year round.

Our first treatment of the year lifts your lawn out of winter. As the growing season starts, we feed the lawn with a special mix of slow release nutrients to encourage growth, recondition the lawn and ‘green it up’.

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year that unwanted guests can begin to emerge. If required, we apply a herbicide to control common weeds such as dandelions, buttercups & daisies and a moss control.

summer lawn treatments


Following on from Spring, our second treatment of the year will focus on keeping your lawn green and healthy, as well as targeting any troublesome weeds such as clover and speedwells.

We will apply a slow release fertiliser to improve colour and encourage the grass to thicken up and herbicide to tackle the weeds, producing a green, lush lawn.

autumn lawn treatments


Our third treatment is aimed at preparing your lawn for the stresses of winter. The focus has switched from encouraging growth to strengthening the root system, whilst keeping the grass green of course.

We apply a specialist fertiliser to protect your lawn from diseases that are common during Autumn, and strengthen the roots making the grass more resilient to harsh weather. This is also the best time to act on moss growth, therefore we apply professional products to kill moss. The lawn is also spot treated with herbicide to control any new weed growth.

winter lawn treatments


The rigors of winter can potentially have a detrimental effect on your lawn. If you can, try to stay off the lawn as much as possible, particually avoiding when wet or frosty.

To help your lawn through the tough winter months we again apply a fertiliser to help keep the grass a nice green colour.

Moss growth is more active during this period so we add a stronger moss treatment to help keep it under control so as it does not ruin the appearance of your lawn.

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