Lawn Scarification removing dead grass and organic matter

Scarification - What is it and why do I need to scarify my lawn?

Benefits of scarifying your lawn

  • Removes the organic matter from the surface of the lawn, helping it breathe
  • Refreshes a lawn, helping it to absorb water and nutrient much more easily
  • Reduces moss levels in a lawn
  • Stops it becoming 'spongy'
  • It is one of the most beneficial treatments that your lawn can receive

Overtime your lawn will suffer from a buildup of organic matter eventually forming a ‘Thatch Layer’ on the surface of your lawn. Thatch mostly comes from grass clippings and any other dead or decaying mater. If this is allowed to build up it will have a damaging effect on your lawn, as it will weaken the grass and encourage the growth of both moss and weeds.

The only way to remove this layer is by scarifying your lawn, this is a physical process of removing thatch from the soil surface. To do this by raking is a strenuous and physically demanding task. At LawnPro we have specialist machines that can carry out this task in a far more comprehensive and efficient way than raking by hand. As well as removing thatch and dead moss, our scarifying machines will also prune the shoots of the grass plant which will encourage stronger growth.

Scarification of your lawn is a vigorous process, and after the thatch and moss has been removed your lawn may look far worse than before the scarification for a short while before your lawn recovers.

It is important that the scarification of your lawn is only carried out at the correct time to enable your lawn to fully recover. Deep scarification is best carried out in the early Autumn whilst there is still enough growth for your lawn to recover. It is normally carried out as part of the Autumn treatment program, and is almost always done before Overseeding and Top Dressing takes place. You would not want to enter the winter months with a thin sward that has not had enough time to recover, as this would be an open invitation for disease problems or moss invasion.

The other window of opportunity for Scarification is in the early Spring when the temperature starts to rise. It is essential to apply moss control to your lawn about 2 to 3 weeks before scarification to kill it off, as by not applying Moss Control first you will be spreading the live moss spores and cause further moss contamination of your lawn.

At LawnPro we can advise you if your lawn needs scarification, but most lawns will benefit from scarification every 2 to 3 years depending on the soil and weather conditions.

The LawnPro Scarification Service is quick, affordable and highly efficient, so why not take advantage of our FREE lawn analysis and contact us now on 01785 859355 or 07984 492182 or use our Contact Form.