Lawn Disease - How LawnPro can treat this for you.

Lawn Disease

All Lawns are susceptible to disease, most of these are usually caused by fungi present in the soil. They only occur when the conditions are right and favour a fungal attack. Grass disease can ruin a lawn's appearance.

We have listed the most common diseases:

Fusarium patch - Fusarium is the most common and one of the most damaging diseases found on our lawns. It usually appears in orange/brown circular spots up to 50mm or 2" in diameter. They are quite noticeable in early morning dew.

Red Thread - Red thread is a very common disease and is often seen during the Summer and Autumn. Red thread occurs when there is a deficiency of nitrogen in the soil and in cool wet weather. If infected you will see patches of affected grass with a reddish tinge at first, later becoming light brown or almost bleached in appearance.

Fairy rings - Fairy rings are a fungal infection that sometimes cause circular rings of dead grass and/or toadstools in lawns. The most damaging fairy rings are slowly spreading colonies of the fungus Marasmius oreades, which live in the roots of turf, altering the appearance of the grass and producing toadstools at certain times of the year, mainly in late summer and autumn. There is no real cure for the control of fairy rings. The most effective way is to completely dig out the fairy ring. This means removing the soil to a depth of at least 30cm (12in). Then remove 50cm (20in) in front of the inside of the ring and 50cm (20in) beyond the outside of the ring. Be careful not to spill any of the infected soil onto the lawn during the removal process. Replace the infected soil with fresh soil and reseed the area.

Take All Patch - The Take All Patch is a fungal disease of lawn, it causes brown patches of grass, most often in summer when the turf is under drought stress. Take-all patch can be difficult to eradicate once it has developed. There are no fungicides available to amateur gardeners for the control of the Take-all patch. Scarification and aeration of your lawn will help prevent the Take All Patch as well as effective fertilisation.

Dry Patch - Dry patch is just one of the many factors that can cause the appearance of dead patches in lawns. Other possibilities include insect pests, fungal diseases, spilt mower fuel, and dog or fox urine. The first signs of dry patch are irregular shaped patches that are starting to show signs of drought stress. If you take a soil sample you will notice that it is completely dry below the surface where these dry patches appear. Aeration as well as the use of a wetting agent will help treat this problem. Repeat treatments may be necessary.

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