Aeration - What is it and how will it benefit my Lawn?

Aerating the Lawn

The purpose of Aeration is to reduce the compactness of the soil by letting in vital air, water and nutrients.

Benefits of solid-tine aerating your lawn

  • The RHS recommends the average lawn be aerated every 2 years
  • It loosens the soil, improving drainage
  • Increases the rooting depth of the grass, which in turn strengthens it
  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Increases the rate at which soil breaks down thatch
  • It improves the effectiveness of fertilization
  • It is one of the most beneficial treatments that can be done to your lawn!

Soil has a tendency to compact, causing the soil particles get pushed closer together by heavy rainfall or traffic on the surface. This makes it difficult for the moisture and gases that are essential for grass development to flow freely through the soil to the roots and surface and leads to poor root development.

Compaction has a serious imapct on your Lawn causing a reduction in the amount of air held in the root zone. It inhibits drainage which causes shallow root growth and this will reduce the drought resistance of the grass, making it more prone to disease.

The benefit of having Aeration is to improve rooting to help produce a healthy drought resistant lawn and encourage the growth of micro-organisms which benefit the soil and aid the breakdown of thatch. It also aids irrigation allowing the water to drain down to the roots of the grass and helps with surface runoff. If carried out before Top Dressing it will allow the dressing to reach into the holes created to improve the structure of the soil. Having your lawn aerated will assist you in having a Lush Green Healthy Lawn.

At LawnPro we can relieve the compaction of your lawn by using our professional aerating machines that move across the lawn, punching hollow tines into the ground and removing soil plugs a few inches in length. We remove the plugs brought up by the machine, we do not leave them on the lawn, they are then bagged up for you to dispose of.

Aeration can be carried out at any time of the year depending on the soil and weather conditions.

LawnPro can assess your lawn to see if it is compacted and in need of aeration as part of our FREE lawn analysis This is a cost effective and efficient service, why not contact us now on 01785 859355 or 07984 492182 or use our Contact Form.