Driveway and Hard Landscape Weed & Moss Control

Driveways and Patios
  • Weeds, Moss & Algae killed
  • Patios, Driveways, Gravel Paths, Car Parks etc.
  • Affordable & highly effective
  • Safe to use & non-staining
  • Weeds can be left to decompose or simply brushed away

A large percentage of properties these days will have block paving alongside their lawn or garden.

With the average family owning more than one vehicle, many families have chosen to remove their front lawn altogether to increase parking space. These driveways may look superb for the first few years but over a period of time become a haven for moss and weeds.

Simply jet washing your driveway to remove weeds and moss will, over a period of time, wash all the sand from between and beneath your block paving weakening the drive which could lead to expensive repairs. Jet washing alone will also just spread the spores from the moss around your driveway and onto any grass or other hard landscaping you may have, they will then start to grow and the weeds will only benefit from having a good soaking too!

We believe that the best and most cost effective way to tackle this problem is to apply a strong herbicide twice a year in order to control the moss and weeds. Around 10 to15 days from application, after the weeds and moss have died depending on the weather, the moss and weeds can be simply be brushed from between the cracks with a stiff broom.

LawnPro staff are fully qualified and have the correct equipment and experience to apply a highly effective safe systemic herbicide to your driveway at a competitive price. It is far more cost effective than to simply buy a domestic product and to apply this yourself yielding probable unsatisfying results.

Our Driveway Weed and Moss Control Service is quick, affordable and highly effective. Call us today on 01785 859355 or 07984 492182 or use our Contact Form and you could also take advantage of our FREE lawn analysis