Brown Patches

Brown patches in Grass

Sometimes your beautiful cared for lawn all of a sudden gets unsightly brown patches, what are the likely causes and remedies?

Key Points:

  • Round brown patch/dead grass at any time of the year? If you have a dog especially a bitch this is the most likely cause, you can try dog rocks or simply water down the effected area by following the dog!
  • Irregular yellow brown patches all over the lawn? Most likely soil has become compacted and simply requires an aeration treatment
  • Irregular straw coloured patches in late Spring/Summer? Likely to be drought related, spike surface and water thoroughly
  • Pinky colour patches? (Summer/late Autumn) Likely to be 'red thread' disease, avoid close mowing, spike area and notify LawnPro for help and advice
  • Not sure? Call us for guidance and a survey (no charge for a survey)